Raster Vision fascilitates deep learning for aerial and satellite imagery. It is a direct response to the recent explosion of available satellite, aerial, and drone imagery. An open source library, Raster Vision makes it easier to work with earth observation data.

I was invited to work on a brand identity for the new library, as well as a simple website to introduce it.

Early logo explorations.

Creating the brand

I primarily worked on developing a logo with a strong tie to the name and explored ways to incorporate “raster” pixels into an eye icon. Eventually I landed on creating an iris and pupil out of pixels.

Final Raster Vision marks.

Applying the brand

From there, I designed a simple website page that could present the new library and allow for newsletter sign-ups. We also made some stickers upon launch to share at events.

  • The Raster Vision sticker on a laptop on a desk.
  • The Raster Vision homepage.