• Components of Administrate’s old logo system.
  • Applications of the old logo.

Old brand identity and its applications to the website and print assets.

Redesigned Administrate logo.

Logomark in different colorways, showing the inverted purple that was developed for brightness against dark backgrounds.

Details from the construction of the Administrate mark and logotype.

The lowercase ‘d’ is used for determining spacing within and around the logo.

  • Old purple color swatch with an arrow pointing to an updated purple color swatch.
  • Screenshot of the full brand and grayscale palette as well as the UI palette semantic colors.

Shift to a slightly richer, bluer core purple, alongside the full Brand and Semantic UI palette.

Administrate’s brand guidelines.

Subbranding applied to the login screen for Administrate University.

  • Screenshot of revised Administrate homepage using the new brand identity.
  • New identity in a proposed tradeshow design.
  • Logomark and full logo on mockup of buttons.
  • Logo applied to water bottles for employees.

Additional applications of the new visual identity.